September 18, 2013

  • Texas student loan MAFIA out to suppress THIS??

    [font size="6"][b]IF [u][a href=""]robo-signing VOIDS a foreclosure[/a][/u]…[/b][/font][font size="4"]then what does a NO-BO signing entail??[/font]
    [div align="center"][img src="" alt=" "][/div]
    [font size="4"]Despite [b][i]ruling[/i][/b] that [u][b][a href=""]Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution[/a][/b][/u] is irrelevant in student loan garnishment hearings,[/font] the DOE’s loan-sharking enforcers, a.k.a. Federal Student Aid [FSA] thugs, [font size="5"][b]forgot to sign their [i]ruling[/i][/b][/font] :o

    Now i’m sure the Texas Illuminati over at FSA were laughing their asses off as i sent tweets to NY Attorney General Schneiderman and the putz in D.C. who’s supposed to be THE AG…so maybe they’re not aware of Preet Bharara–the man behind bankster justice in the Southern District of New York??

    Twitter just hipped me to [b][u][a href=""]Chritopher T. Lawson[/a][/u][/b], a fellow fighter against the damn near Mafia-like culture of [b][i]usury[/i][/b] that goes hand-in-hand with taking out a student loan…and despite the NO-BO signings on their shakedown notices, [font size="5"]is it even [i][b]legal[/b][/i] to garnish wages before a decision is made by the NSA??[/font]

September 10, 2013

  • A 9/11 message to Obama…..

    Okay, in case y’all forgot, here’s what we’re really fighting for:

    WTC victim

    Okay, Xangafucked again, so y’all cannot fully see the gruesomeness of that lady who died a dozen tomorrows ago at the world trade center…but when you realize that Fashion Week in NYC always falls on the anniversary of the greatest act of terror against the United States, it should come as no surprise.

    Terrorism makes strange bedfellows, so it’s weird that i find myself siding with NYPD commissioner Kelly who claims: Our enemies’ enduring obsession with New York is a fact of our history we cannot ignore. I was New York City police commissioner when terrorists first struck the World Trade Center on Feb. 26, 1993. That attack should have been a wake-up call for the nation. It wasn’t. Eight years later came 9/11.

    Now were it not for some Yuppies having a pizza party and ordering from the parlor i frequented on Rector Street, i’d have been right by that garage door in ’93…and if i wasn’t hooked on Howard Stern i’d have been at Windows on the World that fateful Tuesday right when the first plane hit–i had changed my interview from 9 A.M. to 11:30 so i could catch four hours of the show–so i do take terrorism seriously!!

    Alas, Barry has been punked because John Kerry gave Syria & Russia a way to make our POTUS’ line in the sand, as well as our country, look lame…and it’s amazing how the #tcot GOP “patriots” on talkradio are now looking as if they’d want to do a John and Yoko sleep-in for peace…can i get an OY GEVALT on that?

    There IS another option though…as John McCain famously sang, BOMB IRAN:
    Better yet, bomb them on Yom Kippur, just as Syria tried to do to Israel 40 years ago…and Team Obama, as well as those spineless Republicans, will be able to send a straight-up FUCK YOU to both Russia and al Qaeda, who now seem to be bosom buddies…..


September 6, 2013

  • Jew Bashing REVELATION 5774…

    As Rosh Hashanah was approaching the other day, i had a revelation: Is Christianity and Islam suffering from an Oedipal complex??

    Growing up i went to a Catholic preppy school in Jamaica, before the Vatican rejected the idea of the collective culpability of Jewish people for the death of Christ in the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate, and one of the most ignorant things i ever said in my life was the Jews killed Jesus…a blood libel that has been repeated by Mel Gibson, Black Protestants, and our dearly Krishna conscious/peace loving al Qaeda brethren…yeah, RIGHT!!!


    As i listened to Michael Savage’s Taliban Tea Party racist rantings last night–as well as his Left Coast premise that Israel is the root of all evil–the prospect of our Nobel Peace Prize POTUS starting World War 3 leaves irony behind the pale…..

    Tali Hatuel’s kids and unborn baby were EXECUTED by those “poor” Palestinians, yet Israel is a terrorist state…WTF!

    Judaism begat both Christianity and Islam, yet both “religions” were woefully ignorant that the pagan Roman Empire destroyed the Second Temple shortly after Jesus was crucified…and created the colonial entity called Palestine.

    Atheists can claim that the six days of “creation” flies in the face of reason–even though the Torah has both the Big Bang theory and evolution IN THE BEGINNING–but they’re probably most pissed when Hitler’s allies surrounded the then teenage state–and Ol’ Adonai had his Chosen whup their asses in SIX days…synchronicity?

    To the victor goes the spoils an old adage says, unless you’re a JEW?

    Kapo Michael Savage, like the #TCOT/Tea Party Republicans, is now ranting about Nigro Obama starting World War 3…pre-empting the Syrian/Putin Axis of Evil?

    Forget about Congress…LET THE MARINES cast the vote as to whether or no we should intervene!

August 15, 2013

  • Who was Lenny Melfi??

    Unlike John Galt, Lenny Melfi was not a figment of Ayn Rand’s imagination, although he would probably be the antithesis of the Atlas Shrugged mystery man.

    After noticing the crane in the sky when i was walking down First Avenue in Manhattan and wondering which QB, if any, could hit one of the two American flags on top of it…i paid especial attention to that construction site as i walked by, and saw this beam on about the 5th tier:

    It’s yet another building being erected by NYU, which by my estimate owns around 30 buildings between 14th and 42nd Streets on the east side of Manhattan–over a billion dollars worth of real estate in my estimate–so that really had me wondering who the hell Lenny Melfi was…so i googled it

    The only thing the Daily News obit for him revealed about his personality was that he was an avid Rangers and Giants fan. something not unusual for construction workers of my generation since both the Rangers and Giants were always considered blue-collar workers…Eli Manning and Wayne Gretsky were the first prima donnas for both organizations.

    The Container Diaries shows that me and Lenny lived the same life although worlds apart–we had confronted the Machete Man one Tuesday night of P-Funking after Monty Python’s Flying Circus…but Lenny lived in the same sphere–fun loving kids who came of age in the who had no qualms of giving peace a chance…and we almost made itstunned

    One has to imagine what your friends, co-workers, and even strangers like me will do in way of homage when death knocks on your door to appreciate the life that Lenny must’ve led.

    For those of you who are regular readers, i’m as much an asshole in life as i AM on the internet…so if i was an iron-worker i sincerely doubt there’d be a beam facing First Avenue at 26th Street paying homage to moi.

    Being an artist, let’s not forget what Lenny Melfi WAS–a working class mensch who will never be as beloved as Oprah–but still an example of where the American Dream can take you–above the cacophany of the mindless masses honking their horns as they impatiently head uptown on the never-ending road to Nowhere–invulnerable nothings whose cold hopes swarm like worms within their living clay.

    A savage nation is like a house divided…..

August 11, 2013

  • Bloomberg’s Detroit legacy…

    Michael Bloomberg, whose rise to fame and fortune began when he was fired by Salomon Brothers in the recession year of 1981. As we all know by now, Bloomberg parlayed his $10 million severance check and the abundance of computer savvy he picked up on the job into the omnipresent financial-information company known as Bloomberg.

    As City Time and the glitch-plague 911 system clearly demonstrates, Mike Bloomberg’s abundance of computer savvy is as realistic as the wizard of Oz’s power, yet the myth of Bloomberg as tech/financial genius persistswtf

    Wanna be sweatshop worker John Liu rightfully points out: The heat must be getting to Mayor Bloomberg, who conveniently forgets that his gross mismanagement led to consultants ripping off taxpayers to the tune of a half-billion dollars just from CityTime, and millions more from other consultants…as our unbeloved Mayor-for-Life gives new meaning to the phrase 911 is a JOKE.

    Now while those are some of the reasons that has New York City on the road to Detroit-like insolvency, we forget to mention that Education Emperor Mike’s efficiency was just stripped as the Common Core tests displayed he’s wearing no clothes

    Yet the New York Post had Sally Goldenberg reporting on Bloomberg’s Detroit alarm…completely forgetting to mention that in his illegal third term–with an assist from pharaoh’s pet Christine Quinn–Herr Bloomberg has set up the perfect financial storm that will make Hurricane Sandy look like an April shower.

    Whilst the New York Post mentions the impending tsunami that will eradicate 15% of Wall Street jobs in the upcoming 18 months, Bloomberg was preternaturally silent about that, and the electorate is too focused on Anthony’s wiener and whether or not Spitzer’s got a slut on the side. 

    What people should be focused on is the disturbing A Tale of Three Cities chart that accompanied Sally Goldenberg’s article…unfortunately the Post doesn’t have a link to it

    As synchronicity would have it, more than 2/3 of our kids failed the new Common Core tests.

    Never mind Detroit, lets just Dickens it and go a tale of TWO cities:

    • POPULATION: NYC 8.2 million Chicago 2.7 million
    • Annual Budget:  NYC $70 billion CHICAGO $1.25 billion
    • Annual PENSION COSTS: NYC $8.3 billion Chicago $467 million
    • Annual Health-care billNYC: 6.6 billion Chicago $466 millionshocked

    Now i admit i’m not too bright because i graduated high school before educational czar came into office…so since i was deprived of the Golden Age of education under his Mikeness, i was miseducated to think the following since the population of Chicago is almost a third that of NYC:

    1. NYC’s annual budget should be around $3.75 billion
    2. NYC’s pensions SHOULD be around $1.4 billion…and
    3. the health-care bill is totally absurdist…it’s SIX TIMES Chicago’s entire budgetshocked

    Now being a pre-Bloomberg graduate, i’m too stupid to fathom why New York City’s budget is $83 billion MORE than a city that has a third of our population…..

August 10, 2013

  • Tawana Brawley’s Fruitvale Station…

    THIS is the ULTIMATE story after  the New York Post crowed with a cover story on Obama’s birthday last Sundayshocked

    So i get into an argument with some ladies on the job–and contrary to what the talkradio crowd believes–they live in the projects, work for a living, and don’t get food stamps as they struggle to make it in New York City…in another era they’d be middle-class, now they’re barely upper working class.

    Since most people never click links, here’s the salient points of that article:

    SALT LAKE CITY — A teenager charged with killing a Utah soccer referee because he didn’t like the man’s call during a game pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of homicide by assaultA judge sentenced the unidentified 17-year-old to juvenile prison, leaving how much time he’ll spend there to a juvenile parole board. The maximum would be just more than three years until he turns 21

    Now i’m not a lawyer, and if i was still living with one i’d be able to ask Mara if a 15-year-old girl has any legal culpability for lying while she was a minor.

    Back in the day Alton Maddox said: “The common law applies to whites. The slave code still applies to blacks,” a sentiment every Black man feels to be accurate since my black female co-workers think Tawana’s guilty of lying, and should be paying out to Pagones, who magnanimously said he’d forgive the debt if Brawley admits the truth.

    i just lived through the most harrowing experience in my life–my 13-year-old cousin was actually abducted–and if Al Sharpton, whose ass i almost kicked when he bogarted our march on Howard Beach, and his stooges had intervened and coaxed my little cousin to lie about who took her, i would straight up fuck his ass up if she was held culpable for their photo-ops

    i hate paperback revolutionaries.

    As Fruitvale Station demonstrates, a nigro has no rights in Obama’s Amerikkka…and like Oscar Grant III Tawana must be punished for being a nigro who won’t kiss Massuh‘s divine white ass.

    Rachel Figueroa-Levin, who i’ve long ago dismissed as an Andrea Peyser wannabe, poignantly pointed out: A white woman was stopped and frisked in Williamsburg recently, and it actually made the news. In white-girl-bubble land, we have rights.

    She also points out:

    I live in a bubble. A happy, safe, white-girl bubble. I’ve never been stopped and frisked. I’m the proverbial white Hispanic. Unless I tape a Puerto Rican sign to my forehead, I’m not suspicious.

    On the other hand, my brother, who has one of those super-scary Afros, drives “suspiciously” a lot. Nobody knows what that means, but when he gets stopped he keeps his hands visible, follows instructions, doesn’t protest and is polite. He has to.

    Jim Crow in the Age of Obama is a book that needs to be written, alas, i don’t do non-fiction

    Rachel probably won’t get a Pulitzer for her wrong-headed op-ed on stop-and-frisk–i’m a veteran of the Crack Wars of pre-Giuliani time NYC–but there’s something seriously amiss when you can claim self-defense as you stalk and kill a black kid in Florida, Fruitvale Station a young man in Oakland, or playing Adonai to a child who lied as you seek to by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations and then wonder WHY your churches are empty

    As Solomon said–What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;there is nothing new under the sun–and cops raping Black girls has been going on forever??

    READ IT & WEEP, or rejoice that not every Black man is playing with dancing Sambo dolls because Rush Limbaugh is the de facto czar of the #tcot/Reagan Dixiecrats…..

August 8, 2013

  • Mc Donald’s has pedophiles SERVING Happy Meals??

    Whilst i’m tempted to make this an Occupy Wall Street tirade on corporate greed, i’ll just let the story speak for itself:

    A creep sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl in the play area of a McDonald’s in Jamaica, while a security guard stood by and did nothing, the victim’s mother told cops.

    Investigators are trying to determine if it’s happened before.

    The preschooler had just crawled up a covered slide inside the play area at the Hillside Avenue restaurant at 8:25 p.m., Tuesday, when she encountered a man who had been lying in wait, law-enforcement sources said.

    The man (pictured) had been lurking inside the restaurant for more than 90 minutes when he forced the girl to perform oral sex until she fled down the slide and told her mom, the sources added.

    The man (above) had been lurking inside the restaurant for more than 90 minutes when he forced the girl to perform oral sex until she fled down the slide and told her mom, the sources added.
    The man (above) had been lurking inside the restaurant for more than 90 minutes when he forced the girl to perform oral sex until she fled down the slide and told her mom, the sources added.


    Interestingly, John Crudele–who was the first to expose Facebook’s Pedophiles are people too page–is on vacation this week…wonder what he would think about his New York Post burying the story in the NYPD Daily Blotter section…and wonder what stockholders will think when they see that they’re getting dividends as kids get molested in their restaurants.  The Post goes on to note:

    Cops are looking into whether the assault is related to an attack on a 9-year-old girl in the same place on March 9.

    In that instance, a man waited and asked the child to sit on his lap and play a video game, the sources said.

    Looks like Mc Donald’s should start running the Have it your way commercials…on kiddie porn site

August 2, 2013

  • YO Yahoo!–wanna buy a pedophile-free blogging site??

    So everyone’s giving up on Xanga

    Yo, i’m still trying to get Anthony Weiner elected…so you can be damn sure i ain’t gonna let Xanga fade into the sunset without a fight

    Okay, Xanga’ll never be another Twitter or Facebook, but there’s no reason it should be another Commodore 64

    First, John Hitler & the crew has to put the X back in Xanga…remember when Xanga was x-citing, x-cellent and X-TREME   NOT if you came here after the MEologian and his senseless self-serving prattle…but he wasn’t the only smarmy prick that has passed through the doors of Xanga.  BTW, where is he now?

    Under MEologian and the Xanganazis, the picture above would be considered granny porn??

    Sharon Stone showed more in Basic Instinct…but sexuality if frowned upon on Xanga whilst Facebook caters to child molesters

    Facebook is refusing to take down a page on its website that compares the rights of pedophiles to those of gays.

    The offensive page is titled “Equal rights for Pedophiles.” It makes the case that: “We are living in a time where others’ beliefs and desires are becoming more tolerant. If gay rights are becoming more prominent within America, I say that we should have a fair chance in life just as anyone else does. We are people just like everyone else.”

    Now of course Xanga is not pedophile free, but there are enough safeguards and Xanganazis to keep it relatively safe…so if you want our community to survive you should contact the Facebook advertisers who appear on Facebook’s child molester friendly pages and tell them to advertize on Xanga instead.

    As for lifetime members like me who are exempt from advertizing…WE wouldn’t mind if you run an add or three in our sidebar…at least we who want to see Xanga saved from the internet scrapheap

    YOU can also send out a massive e-mail to all the contacts you have in your e-mail account inviting them to come to Xanga…..

    Let’s make Xanga relevant again!!!

July 27, 2013